January Meeting

January Meeting

Silver Rylle January Meeting Minutes


Role count 16

7 Active shire members

3 New shire members

Officers Present Seneschal, Web Minister, Knight Marshal, Minister of A&S, Quartermaster


Main Meeting Agenda:

Vote for continuance of the Shire of Silver Rylle as an active SCA branch:

After lengthy discussion it was expressed by all of the Shire populace in a unanimous decision to keep the Shire of Silver Rylle active at this time. We will need assistance from all interested in making this group great again!


Other talking points:


Open office of the Exchequer:

Our exchequer quit last month. We have one person interested in taking this role. This office is still open and we are accepting applications at this time.


Checks for Shire Wars and storage unit:

The Shire Wars 2015 check and last month storage unit payment checks bounced due to the signature card.


The shire website:

Assistance was offered to help bring the shire website back online as redirect kept breaking.


Meeting attendance:

We spoke at length about the decline in attendance in Silver Rylle by our current membership and listened to each member of the shire as well as our guests perspectives on how to draw in our populace.


New membership: We have three new members in January. We discussed ways in order to bring in fresh interest.


We had a lot of support from our neighboring branches including representation from the Shire of Owlsherst and the Barony of Bhakail. Thanks to these great individuals and all of their offers of assistance.


We enjoyed a meeting after glow at the local Speakeasy.

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