February Meeting

February Meeting

Silver Rylle January Meeting Minutes


Role count 20

15 Active shire members

Officers Present Seneschal, Web Minister, Knight Marshal, Minister of A&S, Quartermaster


Main Meeting Agenda:

Follow up on the bank account on Shire of Silver Rylle as an active SCA branch:

Bank signatures have been resolved

Bank mail will go to Jayme Hume’s house and Jayme Hume will stand in as acting Exchequer until an Exchequer is voted in. Jayme is a currently authorized kingdom Exchequer.


Officers are needed for:

Exchequer office is open and we have an interested party. Nominate yourself in person at our next meeting if you are also interested in the position.


Elections are next month.


Elections will be held for the following offices:

Seneschal, Webminister, A&S, Chatalne, Thrown Weapons, Fencing, MOL


Announcements for Nominations:

Signora Isebeta Seraphina di Petrillo for Seneschal

Lord Gerhard Stormclocke for Chatalaine

Lady Sybilla Atte Blakley for A&S

Acting Webminister Lady Bótfríðr í eplagarði for Webminister


Other talking points:


Open office of the Exchequer:

This office is still open and we are accepting applications at this time.


Checks for Shire Wars and storage unit:

A new check for the storage unit was sent. Shire Wars check will need to be addressed.


A&S Nights

We had one A&S night this month. A&S minister is asking for people to open their homes up to have regular night monthly.

Next A&S night is on Feb 15th at Gerhard’s house in Ephrata after 4pm.

March 26th at Jayme’s house in Hershey – Pot Luck! Noon until ?

Please, see our calendar for details.



We have stuff in the storage unit.


The shire website:

Website is up! Please, visit us at http://silverrylle.eastkingdom.org/

Officers mailboxes are created. Please, use them to conduct all official SCA business.


Knight Marshall:

Requesting suggestions for an indoor site for practices for heavy fighting once a month.


Meeting attendance:

Attendance is up! Come join us on the 1st Thursday of the month at Aaron’s BookStore. Please see our calendar for details.



Report was submitted. Warrant is expiring the end of May 2016.


Section H: by-laws discussion. No decisions were made to change this section.


June Toy for Tots Tournament and or Event: Official Proposal will be made in February.

Shire Gold Key Auction proposed.


New membership: We are seeing the return of our populace.


We had continued support from our neighboring branches including representation from the Shire of Owlsherst and the Barony of Bhakail. Thanks to these great individuals and all of their offers of assistance.


We enjoyed a meeting after glow at the local Speakeasy.


A game night will be held Feb 18th 7pm – Closing at JoBoy’s Speakeasy in Lititz, PA.
Please, visit our site for our latest updates: http://silverrylle.eastkingdom.org/2016/02/06/february-meeting/

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