Proposed Amendment to Customs and Practices for The Shire of Silver Rylle

Proposed Amendment to Customs and Practices for The Shire of Silver Rylle

Greetings All!

We have a proposition for a small change in our Customs & Practices that would allow officers to be appointed from active members that are not living in the shire zip codes.

Currently our definition of what makes one a shire member is explained in section 2 of our Customs & Practices and would remain the same:

  1. Membership
    Membership requirements for the SCA are clearly delineated in Corpora; privileges pertaining to that membership are not the business of the Shire. Shire membership can be broken into two categories:

    1. Society members residing within the Shire zip codes, and aged 14 years old or older are considered of age SCA Shire Residents (Shire Residents), and may take part in Shire elections, including those involving expenditure of Shire funds. Proof of SCA membership and home address may be required in order to vote. Absentee votes will be counted if delivered with proof of membership and residence prior to a vote taking place, and should be delivered to the Seneschal and one other Officer (preferably by email).
    2. Those people who are not members of the Society, or whose home address is not within the Shire zip codes, or who is under age; but who actively participate within the Shire are considered Shire Members and may vote by show of hands on routine operational issues regarding the Shire (not elections of Officers or expenditures of funds).

The proposed amendment is for section 6, paragraph “a”. It currently reads:

  1. Officer Requirements and Responsibilities
    1. Shire Officers must be Shire Residents.

Under this amendment paragraph “a” would read:

  1. Any ACTIVE Shire Member and East Kingdom Subject who is reasonably qualified for an Office may offer his or her candidacy to fill a vacancy. This includes the Shire Officer whose term is expiring, who may submit intent to renew his or her office.

Our current Customs & Practices can be downloaded here.

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