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One of the major purposes of the Society for Creative Anachronism is the research into, and the re-creation and teaching of, the arts and sciences of the period we study. This pursuit is of interest to many of the members of the Shire of Silver Rylle. The following is not meant to be a definitive list of such research, but rather a sampling of the types of research done by our members.

Each research paper has been used by permission of its author, who retains their copyright.

Any Silver Rylle resident who has research they would like to publish here, feel free to contact the Webminister at .

Author Description of Research
Isabel Ximenes de Gauçin Thirteenth Century Christian Clothing. This is a study of the garb worn in Spain in the 13th century. Isabel has used this paper as the basis for her class entitled, "But Not In Spain." download MS Word document (11 MB)
Isabel Ximenes de Gauçin Pleated Spanish Toca. This document describes the process of researching and recreating a particular kind of Spanish hat, which looks like it's covered with macaroni. download MS Word document (8 MB)

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